Critical Distance is an international conference series whose first edition was launched in 2011-2013. This series of five conferences appears as a response to the growing lack of critical distance on contemporary architecture in Portugal versus an ongoing critical distance between the architecture and the public. Each conference includes a lecture given by a renowned architect followed by a dialogue with Portuguese architecture critics and curators opened to the public.

In May 2017, we'll launch the 3rd edition of Critical Distance as a co-production with CCB.

For this second edition, the invited speakers are:
1#: The chilean architect Smiljan Radić on January 22, 2015 followed by a conversation with Joaquim Moreno.
2#: The Indian collective Studio Mumbai (Bijoy Jain) on April 14, 2015 followed by a conversation with Pedro Bandeira.
3#: MVRDV (Jacob van Rijs) - November 11, 2015 with a talk with Diogo Burnay.

4#: OMA (Ellen van Loon) - February 17, 2016 with a talk with Pedro Baía.

5#: Christian Kerez - 9 May, 2016 with a talk with João Belo Rodeia.

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