Short film session at the Triennale’s Open Day.

On the 12th of September, Lisbon Architecture Triennale is celebrating the opening of the new Creative Cluster with a full day programme. In partnership with the Arquiteturas Film Festival, we’ll transform the Palace’s Ball Room into a cinema for a short film session.
Five foreign short films are presented showing different approaches on themes such as the architectonic space and cities. A contemporary vision that intends to report the relation and the impact of architecture on society, promoting the dialogue between the two arts.
Free entrance, starting at 9 p.m for a 101’ session.

Presenting the films:

Crossing Points
Lucy Harris, UK  (2012) 13’
Crossing Points, filmed in the 1936 Berlin Olympia Stadium and the Kuppelsaal, exploits the interplay between memory, history and architecture. Through the interweaving of these empty venues with two fencers performing a series of choreographed gestures, a dialogue between distinct architectural spaces disrupted by a legacy of past activity is created.

Architecture Alive
Filmbureauet, Denmark (2011) 15'
The film presents three architecture projects of Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects. It visualizes three visions of how architecture can give more - bringing added value and positive change for people, places and communities.

Un Archipel
Marie Bouts & Till Roeskens, France(2012) 37′
There is a continent where maps are not drawn, but sung. Each person is the singer of a path, the guardian of a possible trajectory. Lost between the highways, the malls, the construction sites, the buildings and the no-man’s lands of the northeastern suburbs of Paris, we asked the people we met here and there to invent this continent with us. We followed them on their paths through cities that seemed endless to us. We listened to their words. Formerly the territory of the working classes the northeastern suburb of Paris inexorably changes. The capital extends itself in an immense construction site under the open sky and so writes a new chapter in the history of this parcel of working class land. An archipelago is the song of a word that is disappearing, an ode to these resistant voices, a walk through the city, its landscapes, its last secret passages

Concret from Gold
Guy Adam Ailion, South Africa/UK (2010) 9’
A city, like an Elephant, forgets nothing. It's every line contains the story of its history. Litshe le Golide (Stone from Gold) is an ethnographic short film that describes the story of Johannesburg: an African concrete metropolis manifested from a mining heritage. Large mine dumps like desert pyramids worship a rich history of segregation, exploitation, and the birth and palimpsest of Johannesburg. Against contrasting images of water, urbanity, and desolate landscapes, 'Litshe le Golide' is narrated through the words of a poem describing both a love and a hate relationship for a city of many contradictions and beauties.

Vienna Waits For You
Dominik Hartl, (2013) Áustria/Chili 27'
After breaking up with her boyfriend, Anna hides to recover without reading the fine print of the rental of her old apartment in Vienna.