Christian Kerez closes the 2nd Critical Distance cycle

Christian Kerez closes the 2nd Critical Distance cycle

Christian Kerez will come to the stage of Belém Cultural Centre on 9 May for the last conference of Critical Distance’s 2nd series. The Swiss architect is this year invited to represent his country at the 15th Venice Architectural Biennale.

In his architecture, Kerez explores the structural elements as the most visible element of his buildings, strongly illustrated in projects such as a school in Leutschenbach, Switzerland, or a skyscraper in China.

Christian Kerez started his career as an architecture photographer in the 1980s, being widely published. An activity that had a great influence on his future architecture projects. He founded his studio in 1993, and since them has developed a variety of projects such as a large-scale social housing project in Brazil and the enigmatic House with one wall.

The conference is followed by a talk with João Belo Rodeia.

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Christian Kerez

Christian Kerez was born in 1962 in Maracaibo, Venezuela and studied at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, where he achieved his master degree. Since 2009 he is a visiting professor at the same Swiss institution. Kerez started his professional path has an architecture photographer and founded his studio in Zurich in 1993. In 2012 – 13 he led the Kenzo Tange Chair at Harvard University in Cambridge. He is currently working on projects of different scales and programs in France, the Czech Republic, Brazil and China. This year was chosen to represent Switzerland at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale that will take place from May to June 2016.