Meetings on Architecture

This Friday, 17th October, the Conference  “Venice in Portugal” takes reflection and critic in architecture with three experts: Pedro Gadanho, Pedro Campos Costa and Valdemar Cruz.


Integrated in "Meetings on Architecture", as part of the official program of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, this conference addresses the Portuguese representation - the newspaper HOMELAND - contextualizing it in a broader panorama of contemporary architecture and its media coverage.


Pedro Campos Costa will present and detail the concept, structure and projects that form Homeland, News from Portugal. Focusing on the issue of modernity and its relationship with Portuguese architecture, tracing its evolution over the past century to its present state, the Portuguese curator will show the frailty of the modernization process in the country, its many challenges, failed opportunities, misguided choices but also alternative solutions born outside the established reference frameworks.


Valdemar Cruz will then retrace and highlight episodes in Portuguese journalistic history, immortalized on the front pages of the mainstream weekly broadsheet Expresso, thus illustrating the relationship between architecture and the printed press.


Based on his PhD thesis on Architecture and Mass Media, curator Pedro Gadanho will discuss how ever-growing and intensifying media coverage has brought modern architecture into every home and familiarized the audience at large with its protagonists.


Keynote addresses will be followed by a debate.