Mesa Redonda Scopio

Editorial Projects is the thema of Scopio Roundtable

In our contemporary image based culture, where architecture is many times seen as image production rather than as an agent of a larger social or political project, there is the need to understand architecture in broader terms. This means, besides other things, to promote the critical discussion and examination of architectural space as a cultural narrative, which reflects an urban, social and political vision.

The aim is to examine and discuss, on one side, how certain editorial strategies and publications are best to beget a new understanding and vision about the practice and discipline of architecture. On the other side, to examine and discuss how image can be used as a critical instrument to understand architecture as an extended discipline and practice that operates within larger systems: socio-cultural, technical, and historical.

On the occasion, the presentation of the 4th edition of Scopio International Photography Magazine - Crossing borders, Shifting Boundaries, Architecture.


Invited speakers: José Maças de Carvalho (DA/FCTUC), Gonçalo Canto Moniz (DA/FCTUC) and Pedro Leão Neto (Scopio).


Free admission, Sep 24, 6.30pm at Triennale’s HQ