Open call for participation in Erehwon workshop at Lisbon Architecture Triennale on 8 April 2016, that will explore the design and development of open source new digital tools for sociopolitical artistic interventions in public space.

Multidão invites collectives and individuals engaged in on-going projects with these characteristics, to discuss challenges, best practices, and opportunities where new online digital tools can make a difference. Also, how the design of such tools can be developed as a meaningful and useful resource to complement current practices.

This workshop is the first of a series of activities under the project EREHWON, which aims to bring together artists, activists and anyone who initiates or participates in sociopolitical public space interventions, to develop an online toolset prototype for artistic collaboration, communication, mutual support and co-creation. All activities will contribute to the design of a prototype, which will be developed during a Hackathon in London in the last weekend of May 2016.

Every outcome of the workshop will be included in the final prototype that will be open source and available for public use.

Please send a text of maximum 500 words in pdf format describing your activity and your reasons for participating (you can include images and links on the pdf).

DEADLINE: 20 March 2016.

For any further information and for emailing submissions: