Open House Lisboa returns with a new itinerary

Open House Lisboa returns with a new itinerary

In its fourth edition, the Open House Lisboa continues its mission of showing the best architecture and urban space in the city. The 2015 itinerary brings a new look over the city of Lisbon, including a selection of hilltops, routes through relevant neighbourhoods and visits that unveil the particularities of landmark buildings. This initiative was created in 1992 by Victoria Thornton, to provide an opportunity to experience interesting architectural sites during one weekend per year. Since then, the Open House Worldwide has spread to cities such as Dublin, Melbourne or Chicago.

The event was successfully launched in Lisbon in 2012 by the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, receiving over 44.000 visitors in the three editions. This year's event includes 41 new spaces and presents a variety of typologies, contexts, periods and authors, from the most celebrated to the recent generations.

This year's itinerary comprises 70 spaces spread over private houses, palaces, schools, churches, theatres, office buildings and iconic infrastructures, including new projects as well as rehabilitations.

Together with the visits guided by a team of 180 volunteers, this edition is enhanced with a broader number of commented tours, made by invited specialists from different areas such as architects, engineers, researchers, historians, sociologists, critics and curators. Recent projects will have its author-architect guiding the tour, unveiling the secrets behind the design; while visits to older sites will be conducted by the specialists to provide a deeper historical context.

Open House Lisboa welcomes partnerships with other local cultural organizations and so the 2015 edition marks the launch of program Plus. The result is a joint venture with Arquiteturas Film Festival, presenting five film screenings, and Gerador Trampolim, with two urban tours in Príncipe Real.  

On 25 September a first selection of spaces to be explored during the weekend of 10 and 11 October will be revealed on the website.