OpenHousePorto 11.000!

During last weekend it was possible to explore 42 spaces in Porto, Gaia and Matosinhos, free of charge. With an itinerary designed by architect Pedro Bandeira, this first edition opened the doors of public and private buildings to everyone, allowing visitors to enter brand new constructions and rehabilitation projects, occupied spaces and empty ones.
It was with great enthusiasm that the public, families and people of all ages and interests, joined the first edition of Open House Porto. In total, 128 guided tours and 143 regular visits took place.
Wishing to foster a closer relationship between those projects and those who enjoy the spaces, we would like to share two testimonials sent to us, that express the uniqueness of this event:
"In addition to the great willingness and goodwill to support the development of the event or the knowledge shown, all parties involved managed to influence everyone with the passion felt by those who are in the profession for pleasure."
Isabel Medeiros, Guest.

"Rather than just allowing visits to an heritage that is normally inaccessible, I think this initiative has made it possible to create awareness among visitors to the distinction and recognition of the importance of having an architect designing the project."
Maria João Araújo, Volunteer.
In the words of the founder of the Open House Family, an organization that brings together 30 cities from the four corners of the globe, Open House allows the general public to learn about the added value of a project designed by an architect and allows the architect to learn about and better understand public concerns and expectations.
We take this opportunity to thank the 18 partners, 39 experts, 42 property owners and 95 volunteers for the unconditional support that contributed to making this event a success open to all.
"Open your eyes, minds and doors"
Victoria Thornton, founder of the international network Open House
Check out some of the best moments of this 1st edition.