fof partners

Special thanks to all our partners of The Form of Form

It is with great satisfaction that we have come to the end of a very successful edition, which has earned critical acclaim as well as public recognition attested by the number of visitors who have passed through the various programmatic contents presented in an expanded territory of Lisbon and its outskirts.


We finished this 4th edition associated to an ambitious programme with a sense of accomplishment. A success we share with the set of international e national partners who got involved in this forum that puts Lisbon on the international cultural agenda.


In this respect we would like to publicly thank the almost 100 associated entities, ranging from public bodies and cultural institutions to international funds, private sponsors, and media partners. We believe that this closer relationship has generated multi-level gains alongside the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and networking opportunities.


Sharing views on architecture, as a discipline involving cultural creation and innovation, we hope to continue working together in a future that already begun. For 2017, we will present a new public events programme.