The Form of Form

The world is transformed through architecture. Under the title The Form of Form, the goal of this 4th edition of the Lisbon Triennale curated by André Tavares and Diogo Seixas Lopes, is to stimulate and deepen the debate around a large spectrum of contemporary views on today’s architectural practice, in other words, about the way in which the world changes.


Articulating a diversified programme, the Triennale wants to highlight currents of thought important for the production of architecture in a social context in constant transformation.


The different postures towards architecture will be presented in several fronts, namely through their aesthetic, technical, social and political aspects. To understand the practice of architecture as a profession committed to a complex social context, will allow the developing of the implications and possibilities of architectural decisions, underlining their technical and cultural relevance in society. The program will combine an historical approach with the research around contemporary practice, highlighting the challenges that architects face today.


The 4th edition, that took place between 5 October and 12 December 2016, included 4 exhibitions, a Talk series, 7 Satellites, 3 Awards, 2 Lectures, 12 Associated Projects, 4 publications and a set of sidekicks. With critical acclaim, The Form of Form involved 178 participants and curators, 40 assistants and over 100 partners. A great success revealed by the 154 441 visits registered.