Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
10 MAY 2018 - 31 MAY 2018

9th of April Garden Bar, 2016, aspa © Fernando Guerra, FG+SG

Lisbon Acts

BINA – Belgrade International Architecture Week

The last ten years in the city of Lisbon. That was our starting point. We chose six architecture studios that have established their companies in Lisbon during that period of time: Aspa, Barbas Lopes, Can Ran, Miguel Marcelino, PLCO and Site Specific. And we picked a significant first work, built in the city of Lisbon. We asked the architects for drawings without words, drawings of these projects, which you can see throughout this exhibition. 

A gigantic tower block, a bar in a garden, an intervention on a river boat station, a meditation centre, a church and a private apartment – we decided to lend this diverse selection of architectural works to the fictional world of stories, and so, in this exhibition you can also read the stories of writer Patrícia Portela in the book Floraennui, you can see Catarina Botelho’s photographs, Filomena Project, and watch Pedro Cabeleira’s film, Filomena. 

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale (2007-2018) was also born ten years ago, and we have testified that our ancient city has been the stage for a process of constant ideological, social, economic and built evolution. The city shapes our lives and the city is shaped by our lives: built spaces do not exist except for the people who inhabit them, and they accumulate meaning and significance in an active, ephemeral call-and-response with the rich moments of our own experiences. This exhibition shows different fictional views in response to these experiences, at the same time that architects go on shaping our city, weaving its fabric as we live in it.

Lisbon acts. Act out with us. 

Lisbon Acts produced by the Lisbon Architecture Triennale for the BINA – Belgrade International Architecture Week May 10th to 31st 2018