5 Oct – 12 Dec 2016
Lisbon Architecture Triennale / 5 Oct – 11 Dec 2016
5.10 – 11.12 2016


Mariabruna Fabrizi & Fosco Lucarelli
© Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli

Mariabruna Fabrizi (1982) and Fosco Lucarelli (1981) graduated with distinction from the University of Roma Tre, having previously studied in Munich and Madrid. They founded the studio Microcities in Paris, where they currently live. In 2006 the duo launched the online magazine Socks, whose format has been evolving throughout the years, gradually becoming a base for speculation on and discussion of the Microcities design projects. The site is organized into several main categories but seeks to continuously call those boundaries into question. Launched in 2006 as an immaterial repository, Socks has expanded its content and is currently configured as a visual atlas in expansion.