5 Oct – 12 Dec 2016
Lisbon Architecture Triennale / 5 Oct – 11 Dec 2016
5.10 – 11.12 2016

Useful Information

Information for The Form of Form visitors.
The following information may be useful to visitors and enhance their experience.



Most of our exhibitions are free of charge, but some exceptions apply. Tickets can be bought at each venue.

Talk, Talk, Talk – 17 to 19 November
Tickets have to be booked in advance.
Early bird prices until 30 September.
more info

Lifetime Achievement Award conference – 15 November
Main Auditorium – Centro Cultural de Belém
more info

Début Award conference – 7 December 
More info soon.

Venues & Schedules
Please check the information on each venue and the time for the event on the respective event’s page.


Public transport
We recommend that visitors buy a rechargeable VIVA Viagem/7 Colinas ticket. It can be charged to cover single trips, with a 24-Hour ticket the holder can purchase several individual trips at once (zapping). It is valid on the various transport modes in the Lisbon Metropolitan area. For more information click here.

Working hours: 6.30am to 1am (next day)

Buses and Trams
Operated by Carris
Different working hours for each line.

Operated by CP
Lisbon urban trains

To Amadora
Stop: Amadora Este – Blue Line
Working hours: 6.30am to 1am (next day)

To Trafaria
Operated by Transtejo

Contact information:
(+351) 218 119 000
(+351) 969 531 660

Radio Táxis
Contact information:
(+351) 219 362 113


By Airplane
The Lisbon airport is the Humberto Delgado Airport.

By Train
Two main stations receive trains from all over the country and abroad.
Lisboa Santa Apolónia
Lisboa Oriente

By Coach
Operated by Rede Expressos
Travels within Portugal
Timetables and stations 



Memmo Hotels
– Memmo Hotels Alfama
– Memmo Hotels Príncipe Real

Casa Amora

Heritage Hotels
– As Janelas Verdes  
– Heritage Avenida Liberdade
– Hotel Britania
– Hotel Lisboa Plaza
– Solar Do Castelo

Phoi Cavalo
A culinary adventure that was born at the last edition of Lisbon Triennale returns to the 4th edition under the name Phoi-Cavalo, with a new concept that blends Vietnamese influences and Portuguese traditional cuisine.

Open for lunch and dinner on events days or by reservation.

Lisbon Triennale’s HQ
Palácio Sinel de Cordes
8 October – 11 December 2016
12.00pm 8.00pm, Tuesday to Saturday

Espaço Espelho d’Água 
Av. Brasília, Edifício Espelho d’Água
(next to Padrão dos Descobrimentos)
(+351) 213 010 510


What is The Form of Form?
The Form of Form is the title of the 4th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale. More information on the title here.

When is The Form of Form being held?
It takes place from 5 October until 11 December 2016.

Three main moments:
Opening week: 5 – 9 October
Talk, Talk, Talk + conferences week: 15–19 November
Closing week: 7–11 December

What is the Lisbon Architecture Triennale?
The Lisbon Architecture Triennale was founded in 2007, and is an open platform for the debate, research and promotion of contemporary architecture. In addition to the international architecture forum we organize every three years, the association has a regular, ongoing activity programme and also produces other events throughout the year, such as Open House Lisboa, Open House Porto and Critical Distance. Apart from these activities we also operate an architecture centre with its own programme at our headquarters.

Where is The Form of Form taking place?
The event is spread over different venues in and around Lisbon, from the city’s leading cultural sites to unconventional venues. Check individual event listings for details. (more info soon)

Who are the chief curators of The Form of Form?
The chief curators of the Form of Form are André Tavares  and Diogo Seixas Lopes

What happens during the opening week of The Form of Form?
The opening week, from 5 to 9 October, offers all visitors a number of events to celebrate and encounter architecture. Check the full programme here.

Where can I get a ticket for an exhibition or any other event?
All exhibitions are free of charge, with the exception of The World in Our Eyes at Garagem Sul – Centro Cultural de Belém. Information on every event in The Form of Form can be found on the event’s page. Full programme here and calendar here.

How can I take part in the activities of The Form of Form?
All information on scheduled activities can be found in the calendar section. (see it here)

How can I get a copy of the book The Form of Form?
The book can be bought directly at the Lars Müller publishers website, or at the main exhibitions in MAAT, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation or Garagem Sul – Centro Cultural de Belém. It is also available at the Lars Müller Nomadic Bookstore at Nord  and at the Triennale HQ A+A bookshop, as well as in specialized bookshops.

How can I get involved?
If you would like to contribute to the work of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale team you can join our Friends programme. For each edition we launch a call for Associated Projects and also expand our team of collaborators (call ended on 3 September).

Are all venues accessible for the disabled?
Information on accessibility is given on every venue’s own page.