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Fruta Feia

Fruta Feia, a consumer Co-Op, aiming to value the production part that farmers cannot sell due to appearance (colour, form or size). With these misshaped products, crates are set for the associated consumers. In this way, the Co-operative arises from the need to overturn the standardization trends regarding food, which have nothing to do with its’ quality and safety. Fruta Feia project aims to fight the market inefficiency by changing consumption patterns and creating an alternative market to “ugly” fruits and vegetables. A market that values farmers and consumers, and can prevent food waste as well as the unnecessary use of resources to their production.


Spreading ugLy Fruit Against Food Waste – is a project of Fruta Feia Co-Op in partnership with Lisbon City Council and Instituto Superior Técnico. Co-financed by EU’s LIFE Programme and lasts for 3 years, starting in September 2015. 

Arises with two main goals:

  • To fight food waste due to appearance and the unnecessary use of resources used in its production;
  • To create an alternative market for fruit and vegetables that are discarded due to aesthetic reasons and to create a movement capable of changing consumption patterns.