Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa


The Lisbon Architecture Triennale is one of the key elements of a vaster programme that will be operating from the Sinel de Cordes Palace, located in Campo de Santa Clara (near Feira da Ladra, Lisbon’s Flea Market). The property of the Municipality of Lisbon, the Triennale has been granted use of the building as part of a strategy for creating a new creative hub in the city. In this way, we carry on the mission of fostering discussion between the different groups involved in conceptualizing, programming, practicing and critiquing architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Architects, artists, architecture students, philosophers, economists, journalists, anthropologists, politicians and authors from across the country are invited to take part in this ongoing, expanding work dynamic.

The Sinel de Cordes Palace, a palatial construction from the mid 18th century, was built by the Sinel de Cordes family. According to geneological research, this family descended from the Flemish nobility took up residence in Lisbon following the 1755 earthquake. 

In the mid 19th century, the building was acquired by the 1st Viscount Correia Godinho. At the start of the 20th century, when it was home to the Italian Legation, a violent fire destroyed most of its interior, which would later be reconstructed. In the 1930s up until 2006, the Palace functioned as an elementary school. It would remain closed until 2012, when the arrival of the Triennale prompted a rekindling of public and institutional interest for this striking building.


Rehabilitation, Conservation and Restoration of Sinel de Cordes Palace
Technical Team

Architecture and Coordination
FSSMGN arquitectos lda
Margarida Grácio Nunes, Architect

A2P – Consult, Estudos e Projectos, Lda.
João Appleton, Civil Engineer

Landscape Architecture
GLOBAL – Arquitectura Paisagista, Lda.
João Gomes da Silva, Landscape architect

Technical Partners
Water distribution, fire fighting facilities and waste water treatment
ECOSERVIÇOS – Gestão de Sistemas Ecológicos, Lda.
João de Quinhones Levy, Civil Engineer specialized in Sanitation Engineering

Electrical installations, telecommunications and security
Thermal behaviour 

EACE – Engenheiros Associados Consultores em Engenharia, Lda.
João Caxaria, Electrical engineer

Historical Research
José Monterroso Teixeira, Museologist and Historian

Conservation and Restoration
ARGO | Arte, Património & Cultura
Miguel Cordeiro, Architect
Pedro Serra, Conservation and restoration

FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura
Fernando Guerra
Sérgio Guerra

António Pyrrait


Survey of the building (with the support of André Flores Ribeiro)
Ana Cristina Duarte, Maria Beatriz de Vilhena, Mariana Fernandes Marques, José Maria Gonçalves Vieira, Leonardo Semedo, Pedro Sacramento, Rodrigo Gorjão Henriques, Tomás Cruz and Vasco Lima Mayer.

Nuno Castro Caldas, Ana Cristina Duarte, José Maria Gonçalves Vieira, Maria Freire de Andrade, Rodrigo Gorjão Henriques and Tomás Cruz.

Models and mock-ups
Nuno Castro Caldas, Ana Cristina Duarte, Emanuela Mendes, João Pedro Cavaco, José Maria Gonçalves Vieira, Márcia Saldanha, Renato Monteiro, Rodrigo Gorjão Henriques and Tomás Cruz.

To became a partner of the rehabilitation of the palace please contact:
Joana Salvado
+351 213 467 378


Strategic Partners


Structure financed by

República PortuguesaDireção Geral das Artes


Logotipo Saint Gobain PlacoSanJose ConstrutoraSanitanaCINClimarLaser BuildPolyreyTarkettForsolidHagerPadimatOli

Rehabilitations: Technical Team

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