Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Be a Patron

To be a patron is to be part of the History of Architecture. Understanding its importance, giving it strength and making it live. Get involved and choose your style: Manueline, Baroque, Modern or Contemporary. You just have to choose on which side of history you would like to stand on. 

For the current period of filling the tax return, remember you can support our activity  through the consignment of 0,5% of your taxes in Portugal. 



  • We offer a postcard collection
  • We offer a cloth tote bag

Students, unemployed and over 65 years old can be Patrons for 25€, means of proof required.



To Manueline benefits, please add:

  • Invitation to a private event 
  • Offer of exclusive visit to one of the Open House Lisboa spaces (this visit happens before the weekend of the event and the Patron can come accompanied by one guest)



To Manueline and Baroque benefits, please add:

  • Book offer: choose one from the Triennale collection 
  • Invitation to a private dinner during the opening days of the next Triennale, which will bring together some of the leading figures from the international architectural scene



To Manueline, Baroque and Modernist benefits, please add: 

  • The possibility of organising an event at the Triennale headquarters at a reduced price


Make a donation of any amount you choose:
Via Credit Card or through a wire transfer to the Triennale’s IBAN:
PT50 0033 0000 45418378677 05

Please send your details for emission of donation receipt, proof of payment and any queries to:

Thank you very much!

0,5% of your tax return is ours

Non-profit cultural institutions with Status of Public Utility in Portugal can receive your contribution through the consignment of 0,5% of your tax return (IRS). Free of charge and with no loss of fiscal benefits, here the steps to support our activities on your tax return (IRS) in Portugal during the period between 1 April and 30 June:

 • fill the Step 11 with the NIPC 509 484 964

 • and in the field 1103 select the option "Instituições culturais com estatuto de utilidade pública (art.º 152.º do CIRS)"

List of Patrons

These are our Patrons, be a part of this list:

Contemporary Patrons 2022/24
Inês Castel-Branco
The University of Western Australia

Modernist Patrons 2022/24

De Rose Sa

Baroque Patrons 2022/24

Raquel Morais Arquitectura

Contemporary Patrons 2019/21

Aurora Arquitetos
FSSMGN Arquitectos Lda
Inês Meneses

Modernist Patrons 2019/21

Colin Moorcraf
Dafne, Publishing House

Baroque Patrons 2019/21

André Tavares
Imarte Atelier
Site Specific
Martina Tzvetan

Manueline Patrons 2019/21

Sandra Samina

Contemporary Patrons 2016/18

Inês Meneses

Modernist Patrons 2016/18

Cristina Veríssimo
Diogo Burnay
FSSMGN Arquitectos Lda

Baroque Patrons 2016/18

Dafne Editora
Frederico Duarte
João Pedro Cavaco
Julia Albani
Site Specific, Arquitectura Lda.
Vera Sacchetti

Manueline Patrons 2016/18

Ana Gomes Vilar
André Tavares
Carlos Machado e Moura
João Charters Monteiro
Gil Abreu
Infra Support
Filipa Roseta
José Dirceu Vaz Pinto
Luísa Saldanha
Pedro Souza

Patrons 2013/15

Inês Meneses, Link Architecture Studio, Julien De Smedt, Tony Fretton, FSSMGN Arquitectos Lda., Platform for Architecture + Research, Carlos Coelho, Aleksander Dembinski + ADDB, João Pedro Cavaco, Manuel Henriques, Stephen Maloney, Beatrice Galilee, Shumi Bose, Andrew Griffin, Site Specific, Arquitectura Lda., Rita Nunes, Chris Niemeyer, Timothy Soar, Véronique Hoegger, Dafne Editora, Alejandro Gaona, Susana Carvalho, Herbert Wright, Diogo Burnay, Energia Técnica, Get a Light, SAFRE - Estudos e Projectos de Engenharia Lda, Pedro Reis, Gonçalo Riscado, Gonçalo Manteigas, Sérgio Gomes, Inês Moreira, Paulo Ferreira, Mário Moura, José Afonso Furtado, Susan Newte, Jon Astbury, Heather Ligler, Corina Angheloiu, Paula Silva, Ventura Trindade, Diogo Valério, Susana Rosmaninho, Pedro Silva, Samuel Sardinha, Rodrigo Alba Krasovsky, Jorge Alonso Castiñeira, Cristina Ammann, Stefan Grabher, Michael Heule, Martin Horvat, Eda Kirac, Michael Kutzer, Jiahong Li, Beatriz Magalhães Vasconcellos, Christian Neher, Dmytro Palamarchuk, Naznin Parvin, Norbert János Paskó, Steffano Schiavón Dávila, Murat Sevgi, Berat Sezer, Stamena Slavova, Natalija Stankovic, Tanja Wälti, Vitório Leite, Ricardo Junqueira, Alexandra Cruz, Javier Irigaray, Chelsie Kan, Bojan Radojcic, Teresa Costa Martins, Jesse Seegers, João Quintela, Elena Prendergast, Raquel Morais, André Tavares, João Salaviza, Julie Ulvestad, Orlando Azevedo, Laura Catocci, João Cabral, F/C Arquitectura Paisagista, Lda e Cédric Lameignère.