Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

17 Jul 2024

Open House 2024, where people felt at home


16 Jul 2024

Between Exhaustion and Cure — Part II

26 June 2024

Début Award, a decade later

Award, Call

19 June 2024

Triennale heads to Slovenia for 4th LINA Assembly

Debate, Presentation, Palace, Co-production

26 May 2024

Between Exhaustion and Cure — Part I

24 May 2024

Between Exhaustion and Cure — Foreword

24 May 2024

On time

14 May 2024

We’re part of Lisbon’s Passaporte Escolar network


19 April 2024

Cooperation with Catholic University

10 April 2024

Educational holidays at the palace


16 December 2023

The palace is playing territory with Brincapé


13 November 2023

Full house at Godard exhibition

Exhibition, Palace

09 November 2023

Triennale takes part in equity and inclusion seminar

22 October 2023

We are present at the Biennale Mugak

27 September 2023

LINA Conference: Alliances for a Resourceful City

Conference, LINA

17 September 2023

Triennale 2025 ongoing research being presented across Europe


03 August 2023

Foodscapes invites Territorial Agency


31 Jul 2023

A retrospective on the Palace's regeneration


13 Jul 2023

We attended the Young Talent EU Mies awards 2023

06 Jul 2023

VI PER & Triennale together for an exhibition


05 Jul 2023

Vão designs Bienal de São Paulo's exhibition

20 May 2023

LINA celebrates anniversary with open call

15 May 2023

This Open House was a success


10 May 2023

Accessible children's book is finalist of the NEB Awards

13 April 2023

Delighted to be part of Llibres Model 2023

13 April 2023

On the jury of the Young Talent EU Mies Award

15 March 2023

Results of the open call for curators of the Triennale 2025


08 March 2023

Terra concludes with a positive balance

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

08 March 2023

Visiting Tirana Architecture Triennale

08 March 2023

Terra also puts circularity into action

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

03 March 2023

The launch event of Open House Europe


10 February 2023

Taking the Country's Side now in Marseille

2019, Exhibition, Co-production

31 January 2023

A Summer School stretching from Australia to Portugal


18 January 2023

Our LINA choices


15 December 2022

Forum responds to sustainability challenge

05 December 2022

Two awards given to education through architecture

24 November 2022

Living and thinking culture at Culturgest

21 November 2022

Presentation tour on Terra’s final stretch

20 November 2022

Taking the Country’s Side now in Belgium

17 November 2022

Housing project integrates Palace courtyard into public space

15 November 2022

Terra’s presentation in Porto


10 November 2022

The Palace hosts discussion on Quinta do Ferro’s rehabilitation

08 November 2022

DG Artes supports the next 4 years of Triennale activity

01 November 2022

With Terra we embraced the upcycling strategy

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

29 October 2022

Triennale supports Open House Maputo

Fest, Open House, Co-production

27 October 2022

Order recognises the Triennale activity

21 October 2022

Triennale attends LINA conference to attract talent


06 October 2022

Open House with support from the European Commission

Open House, Co-production

26 August 2022

The partnerships that build Terra

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

06 August 2022

Terra's general passes link Lisbon to Tallinn

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

05 August 2022

Schools shortlisted for the Universities Award

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

04 August 2022

Shortlist for the Début Award revealed

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

02 August 2022

Marina Tabassum wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

17 Jul 2022

Common Field identity wins award

Debate, Conference, Co-production

06 Jul 2022

An anthology that stretches across the Universities of Terra

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

04 Jul 2022

Terra's tour across Europe was a success

23 June 2022

The Lisbon Triennale and Tbilisi Biennial meet in Berlin

Terra, Debate, Co-production, Triennale 2022

21 June 2022

International Tour presents Terra in Madrid

20 June 2022

New Temporality European cooperation programme approved

16 June 2022

The experience of the Open House rebellion in Lisbon and Almada

Open House, Co-production

14 June 2022

Your support made this book even more accessible

10 June 2022

The results of Projecto Relâmpago seminar

Palace, Conference, Workshop

26 May 2022

Triennale takes part in Forum about the child and urban planning

21 May 2022

Triennale 2019 exhibition journey from Lisbon to Lyon

14 April 2022

Selected 18 proposals of the Universities Competition for Terra

04 April 2022

Growing up with cultural volunteering

Open House, Co-production

31 March 2022

LINA is the new European architecture platform

22 March 2022

Closing the circle of European cooperation with a book

23 February 2022

First presentation of Triennale 2022 programme in the heart of Lisbon

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

22 February 2022

Independent Projects of Triennale 2022 already selected

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

17 February 2022

Universities Competition steps into second stage

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

15 February 2022

Help us re-use bags for Terra

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

03 February 2022

The three awards and juries of the Triennale 2022

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

24 January 2022

Triennale on board at the 1st Rede EPA meeting

19 January 2022

Universities from all continents in the 2022 Triennale Competition

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

01 December 2021

Lisbon Triennale presents its 6th edition at WAF

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

18 November 2021

Talks beyond borders amplify Chronic Conditions’ exposure

Exhibition, Palace, Co-production

13 November 2021

Revisiting Triennale’s publications on the radio


09 November 2021

67 proposals for the Triennale 2022 Independent Projects

Terra, Triennale 2022, Co-production

22 October 2021

L’Atelier Senzu, from the AJAP award to the Paris exhibition

Exhibition, Palace, Co-production

30 September 2021

OHL’s return to traditional format was a success

07 September 2021

Commemorative postcard and stamp for the 10th edition of Open House Lisboa

03 September 2021

Recycled canvasses for Iminente Festival

02 September 2021

At Play exhibition with city tour


18 August 2021

Triennale in Festival Concéntrico’s programme

05 Jul 2021

On Being and Bathing, from Berlin to Lisbon

Exhibition, Palace, Co-production

02 June 2021

Revisiting Architecture Collections Sneak Peek Live on Instagram

LINA, Online

16 May 2021

Launch of the Biennale Pavilions platform for its 17th edition

13 May 2021

Palace Exhibition makes way for talk in the Courtyard


12 May 2021

Triennale 2019 Books Sell like Hotcakes

Triennale 2019

03 May 2021

Our choice for the exhibition revisiting the architectural collections

Call, LINA

16 April 2021

Filomena is at the re-opening programme of the Cineclube de Guimarães

Hors-Série, Presentation

17 March 2021

Pritzker 2021 awards French architects Lacaton & Vassal


02 March 2021

The visual identity of Triennale 2019 awarded at Tokyo TDC

Exhibition, Award, Triennale 2019

26 February 2021

Archiprix 2021 new edition supported by the Triennale


24 February 2021

A new season of the European Architecture Programme via a live webcast


18 February 2021

Atelier do Corvo wins AICA 2021 Award


10 February 2021

The Tagus river as the centre of Open House 2021

22 January 2021

Future Architecture: selected ideas 2021

Call, Co-production

12 January 2021

Triennale’s network of partnerships


08 January 2021

Triennale and Universidade Católica create cooperation partnership

Call, Palace

22 December 2020

Triennale supports film on iconic work of Polish Architecture

09 December 2020

Triennial Books distinguished with Gold at LAUS 2020 Awards

Triennale 2019

02 December 2020

Brilliant opening at the Open House Worldwide Festival

17 November 2020

The year under review by Future Architecture Platform members

16 November 2020

And the selected proposals for the Portuguese Representation are...

Conference, Debate, Palace

14 November 2020

Open House Worldwide the first international online festival

Debate, Presentation, Open House

28 October 2020

Common Field cycle changes its format


26 October 2020

The successful new Open House format

26 September 2020

Architecture in the street, Lisbon in your ears

Open House

23 March 2020

Gregotti, one of the world's greatest architectural references has left us

28 February 2020

Main Exhibition of Triennale 2019 inaugurates in Switzerland

Exhibition, Triennale 2019

30 January 2020

Walk&Talk invites Triennale to join the jury of the Pavilion of its 10th edition


29 January 2020

The Poetics of Reason revisited

Exhibition, Triennale 2019

22 January 2020

Triennale 2022 Curatorial Team announced

Triennale 2022

14 January 2020

UWA Summer School at Sinel de Cordes Palace

Palace, Workshop

19 November 2019

The Future Architecture opens a new call for 2020


13 November 2019

Triennale awarded with Excellence


12 November 2019

Nice and its OVNi festival welcomes Lisbon Acts exhibition


11 November 2019

Flying to Oslo with Future Architecture Platform


09 November 2019

Filomena is the winner of the Joaquim de Almeida Prize 2019


10 October 2019

OH Lisboa 2019 had full house(s)

Open House

17 September 2019

Chilean/Portuguese duo curates conference programme 2020–22


03 Jul 2019

Open Call for Cycle of Conferences has come to an end

Call, Critical Distance

07 June 2019

Our participation in Future Architecture Platform's European network continues to bear fruit


15 May 2019

Rijeka is the second city showcasing the exhibition Lisbon Act

Hors-Série, Exhibition

04 April 2019

Filomena goes to IndieLisboa


29 March 2019

The Triennale 2019 on tour – presenting the programme around Europe

Presentation, 2019

25 March 2019

We have lost a huge ally in the effort of divulging Portuguese architectonic culture

22 March 2019

Arno Brandlhuber gets a full house listening to his words on Architecture and Urban Planning

Conference, Critical Distance, 2019

14 March 2019

José Mateus represents the Triennale at Arquitecturas Cruzadas


12 March 2019

The names behind the awards of the Triennale 2019

Award, Triennale 2019

07 February 2019

The Triennale 2019 features 12 Associated Projects into its program

Exhibition, Award, Triennale 2019

20 December 2018

Thurston Moore, the 2019 Triennale and the bells of Venice

Exhibition, Award, Triennale 2019

26 November 2018

Present your work at significant European architectural happenings and events


14 November 2018

A work by artist Leonor Antunes will be the award given to the Lifetime Achievement Award

Exhibition, Award, Triennale 2019

05 November 2018

Associated Projects: the search has ended

Exhibition, Award, Triennale 2019

23 October 2018

Unite for Atelier Bow-Wow conference and you will be rewarded with special offers

Conference, Critical Distance

27 September 2018

The Triennale receives a grant from the Graham Foundation

Exhibition, Award, Triennale 2019

11 May 2018

Arquiteturas Awarded films in Barreiro and Funchal

Arquitecturas Film Festival

18 April 2018

Good news: The Triennale has the support of DGArtes till 2021

06 April 2018

It’s that time of the year

05 April 2018

Open House Lisboa 2018: dates and curators

05 April 2018

ARCOLisboa and the Triennale in collaboration


04 April 2018

Great participation in this year’s Arquiteturas Film Festival Call for entries

Call, Arquitecturas Film Festival

09 February 2018

Creative Exchange in Ljubljana


31 January 2018

3rd Open House Worldwide Conference

Conference, Open House

15 December 2017

These are the winners of the Competition of Ideas for the Santa Clara Market

Award, Palace

14 December 2017

Santa Clara Market will reveal the winners of the competition of ideas on December 14th

Award, Palace

22 November 2017

Can artificial agents create art?
Talk by Mark Coeckelbergh on November 22nd

Conference, Palace

20 November 2017

We welcome ideas and projects for Future Architecture Platform!


09 November 2017

Which Arquitecturas 2017 award-winning films will be on tour?

Arquitecturas Film Festival

30 October 2017

Financial Times columnist comes to Lisbon to talk about what is really innovation on Wednesday, Nove


26 October 2017

ArchiFuture chooses Lisbon to launch the Volume 4

02 October 2017

Human Entities lanches a 2nd edition of a Talk Series

Debate, Presentation

26 September 2017

Open House Lisboa had an enormous amount of visits

Open House

20 Jul 2017

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale launches a competition of ideas for the Santa Clara Market


19 April 2017

Team of nine led by Éric Lapierre to curate the 2019 Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Exhibition, Award, Triennale 2019

14 April 2017

Universities Competition is now showcased in Sines

Exhibition, 2016

11 April 2017

Open House Porto 2017 took place on the first weekend of July (1-2)

Open House

02 February 2017

48 applications for Chief curatorship in the race for 2019

Triennale 2019, Call

16 January 2017

Thank you all for your participation in The Form of Form!


15 December 2016

2016-Ennials: A Geography of Temporary Territories

Debate, 2016

14 October 2016

Lisbon Triennale is part of The Jack Contemporary Arts TV Team

15 March 2016

Triennale is now part of the first platform of pan-European architecture

Presentation, 2016

18 February 2016

We lost Diogo Seixas Lopes


15 November 2015

A filled auditorium for MVRDV


08 June 2015

Archiprix Portugal 2015 took place at Triennale's HQ


16 April 2015

Studio Mumbai conference with a packed Auditorium


02 December 2014

Homeland, From Venice to Lisbon


06 November 2014

Open classroom with the case study of Triennale HQ

23 May 2014

Palace rehabilitation project presented to the public

HQ, Palace

04 March 2014

Ebooks review by Luís Santiago Baptista


22 February 2014

Luciana Fina presents her documentary In Media Res


15 December 2013

K. Frampton is the Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

2013, Award

26 November 2013

Lisbon Triennale distinguished with Public Interest Status

15 September 2013

The Institute Effect Workshop

2013, Exhibition, Workshop

08 March 2013

First edition of AA Visiting School Lisbon at Triennale's HQ


02 March 2013

Book launch for the 10th anniversary of the Magazine NU#40

17 November 2012

Kairos, a pavilion for architecture, art and debate

Critical Distance, Co-production

10 October 2012

The successful debut of Open House Lisboa

Open House

22 Jul 2012

Critical Lisboa, Critical Distance’s workshop

Palace, Workshop

26 February 2012

Pecha Kucha Lisbon Night at Lisbon Architecture Triennale


23 January 2012

Triennale is one of the participants of FITUR

01 November 2011

Intervalo is the new programme of Lisbon Triennale

Presentation, Open House, Co-production

27 October 2011

Beatrice Galilee is the chief curator of Triennale 2013


07 Jul 2011

Reencontros: The architecture of the Iberian Peninsula

Palace, Co-production

09 June 2011

Reconstruct Japan: Lisbon is part of this call for action


02 January 2011

Triennale 2010 was the debate with Architecture [in] ]out[ Politics

01 September 2010

No Place Like – 4 houses, 4 films