Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Our Publications: a golden opportunity

Around here, at the Triennale’s HQ, every month is architecture month and because of that we celebrate with special prices our publications. 

All you have to do is send an email to with your order and then set up to come pick it up at the Triennale’s Headquarters at Campo de Santa Clara (nº142, Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm) or ask for it to be sent to you by post (we will have to add shipping fees).  

Don’t miss this golden opportunity, we offer tote bags and Valmor publications to purchases over 3€ and 8€, respectively.

Attentively, check our list out we have treasures…


Our Bookshop

2010 Triennale

“Let’s Talk About Houses” Guide (PT/EN) 1€
“Let’s Talk About Houses Between North and South” (PT/EN) - 9€
“Let’s Talk About Houses Competitions” (PT/EN) - 9€
“Let’s Talk About Houses Building/Unbuilding /Inhabiting” (PT/EN) - 9€

2013 Triennale

“Close Closer” Guide (PT/EN) - 1€
“Antologia NU” (PT/Other) - 9€

2016 Triennale

“The Form of Form” (EN) - 35€
Booklet “Obra” (PT) - 3€
Booklet “Sines, Logística à Beira-mar” (PT) - 3€
Booklet “O Mundo nos Nossos Olhos” (PT) - 3€
Booklet “A Forma da Forma” (PT) - 3€

“Archifutures 1” (EN, 2016) - 24€

“Lisbon Acts. Floraennui” (EN, 2018) - 5€


“Let’s Talk About Houses” (PT/EN) – 3 Book Collection - 20€
2016 Triennale (PT) – 4 Booklet Collection - 8€
“The Form of Form” Collection (EN) + 4 Booklets (PT) - 39€


“Falemos de Casas” tote bag in purchases over 3€ (1 per person) Valmor Publications in purchases over 8€ (1 per person) Open House Lisboa 2015 Postcards and Open House Lisboa 2018 Guides