Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

The Triennale 2019 features 12 Associated Projects into its program

03 OCT 2019 - 02 DEC 2019
Éric Lapierre, Sébastien Marot, Ambra Fabi, Giovanni Piovene, Mariabruna Fabrizi, Fosco Lucarelli, Laurent Esmilaire and Tristan Chadney 
The curatorial team of the 5th edition (Éric Lapierre, Sébastien Marot, Mariabruna Fabrizi, Fosco Lucarelli, Ambra Fabi, Giovanni Piovene, Laurent Esmilaire, and Tristan Chadney) completed their evaluation of the 56 applications for Associated Projects, which came from all over the globe.

Given the high quality of the submitted proposals, the final selection includes 12. These projects come from various origins. Portugal leads the pack with 6 projects selected, and Switzerland comes in next, with 2. 

All these self-financed events will make a solid parallel program that continues to establish Lisbon as a central point in the international architectural debate. They will bring together two cycles of talks, one performance, three facilities, two seminars including concerts, film, and five exhibitions. These will be rich autonomous but interrelated productions of great relevance and value, so essential to the cultural living mechanisms of the city.

Check the list of selected proposals involving more than 60 participants:

Building 101 (EN)
A cycle of conversations with Joana Varajão, Ariana Marques da Silva, Sara Neves, Atelier Artery

Alvalade Revisited (CH / PT)
A multi-format program consisting of a summer school, an exhibition, a seminar, films and concerts and which includes Francisco Moura Veiga (A FORSCHUNG), Dominik Arni (Arni Enterprise), Paulo Tormenta Pinto e Manuel Palha (Capitão Fausto).

MOB Projects (CL / PT)
An exhibition that brings together Eduardo Corales, Javier Toro Blum, Maria Piedad Aguilar, Ivan Navarro + Courtney Smith, OMMX, Martinez Barat Lafore, Bast, Maio Architects, Fernanda Fragateiro, Atelier Speech, SAMI Architects, Boris Gusic + Lucio Crignola, Common Plan, Erika Nakagawa, APRDELESP, Alejandra Prieto, Nicolás Aracena, Benjamin Ossa

The Unfinished Project: A Reading on the Unbuilt Malagueira (EN)
An exhibition by Pedro Guilherme and Sofia Salema

Boxing boxes (MX)
An installation of Daniel De León Languré and Carlos Ortega Arámburo

Artificial Realities. Virtual as an aesthetic medium in architecture ideation (EN)
An exhibition curated by: Sara Eloy and Nancy Diniz and with the participation of Sara Eloy, Augmented Architectures, Anette Kreutzberg, Ioanna Symeonidou, Ana Moural, Effimia Giannopoulou, Pablo Baquero, Miguel Sales Dias, Ricardo Resende, Nuno Pereira da Silva, Carla Lopes, Luísa Almeida, in partnership with the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL, ISTAR-IUL).

A Certain Kind of Life (US)
An exhibition by Jimmy Carter, Abigail Chang, Francesco Marullo, Agata Siemionow

The protagonist of our proposition is the elevator (CH)
An installation of Javier Fernández Contreras, Roberto Zancan, Dafni Retzepi, Thierry Buache in partnership with the Department of Interior Architecture of HEAD - Geneva

Hidden Dimensions (BE)
A public intervention by Francelle Cane, Guillem Pons Ros, Galaad Van Daele

An immaterial magazine by Thaïs de Roquemaurel, Matthieu Blond


Art on Display, Ways to Expose 49-69 (PT)
An exhibition organized in partnership with three international institutions - Jaap Bakema Study Center and Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam - curated by Penelope Curtis and Dirk van den Heuvel


Fogo Island Dialogues 2019: Atlantic Codes (CA)
A seminar organized by two international institutions - Fogo Island Arts and the Shorefast Foundation - curated by Monika Szewczyk and Fabrizio Gallanti

Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada, 2018. © Steffen Jagenburg


These projects expand the reflections upon the theme of The Poetics of Reason and, more specifically, the questions posed by each of the five main exhibitions. All the projects will be presented in Lisbon and adjacent counties in diverse spaces including the Alvalade District, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and the ISCTE exhibition hall.