Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Taking the Country's Side now in Marseille

The European tour of this exhibition curated by Sébastien Marot keeps going and has now added another stop, this time in Marseille. Under the title Prendre la clé des champs, Taking the Country's Side is now at the Friche Belle de Mai (a former tobacco factory converted into a cultural centre), in a joint production between the Cité de l'agriculture and the Bureau des guides GR2013. 

Composed of a historiographical deck of 32 maps, a reflective compass, a large chronological frieze and a series of videos, it tells the story of the relationship between architecture and agriculture through the transformation of the territory is open to the public between 10 February and 21 May 2023.

At the opening, Sébastien Marot noted that "this exhibition explores the link between agriculture and architecture, two complementary domestication practices that emerged around 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic Revolution. Taking note of the current environmental deadlock, the premise is that no sensible reflection on the future of these two disciplines can be developed unless both are reconnected and fundamentally reconsidered in tandem with each other."

This is also the occasion for the launch of the book Comment s'orienter? Permaculture et descente énergétique [How to find a way? Permaculture and energy reduction] by Australian David Holmgren, published by Wildproject and with a foreword by Marot. Holmgren, considered the father of permaculture, was one of the valuable contributors to the Talk Talk Talk

The successful international tour of Taking the Country's Side, a co-production between the Lisbon Architecture Triennale and CCB - Garagem Sul, has already been in four cities in three European countries. Due to the pertinence of the themes it addresses, we are very pleased to see these presentations expanding the body of knowledge accumulated during three years of research in close collaboration with EPFL for the Triennale 2019.

Image © Hugo David