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Your support made this book even more accessible

On May 30, the crowdfunding campaign for the accessible children's book A House is a Mountain is a Hat came to an end. For two months, the PLL Causas platform was open to contributions from those who wished to support this publication with colours and relief, large type, and text in Braille to be read also by 6 to 10-year-old children who are blind or with low vision. The premise was the creation of an object to be seen, read and felt in different ways – just like architecture, not only to be seen, but to be lived!

The project started from the acknowledgement that the national offer of appealing books for blind or low-vision children is very scarce and rarely found in a bookstore. And then a collective book was born: the Triennale wrote a story about the house, which inspired illustrations from independent publisher of children’s books Planeta Tangerina, and Locus Acesso, which has collaborated with us from the start with their knowledge on accessibility, was in charge of the tactile design. With easy-to-understand language, the book provides children with notions about the built environment and encourages the reading of tactile images for the development of visual culture.

As it is very expensive to produce, partial funding from the Direcção-Geral das Artes proved insufficient to achieve a more affordable price, an issue the crowdfunding sought to counterbalance. The reception of the campaign exceeded expectations with a huge turnout facilitated by the support of many people who passed the message and personalities who helped spread the word in the media. We thank dearly all the people who contributed in different ways so that all children can enjoy this book, with a special mention to Fundação Millennium bcp, whose generous donation in the final stretch of the campaign allowed us to reach – and exceed – the desired goal. We would also like to thank Associação Bengala Mágica and Agrupamento de Escolas Romeu Correia, and their children who inspired and helped us.

The crowdfunding is over but you can find out more about the book on the campaign page. And you can still support this cause - pre-order the book and be among the first ones to receive it. Ask us how at

The numbers and names that made up the campaign

Expected value:
Amount raised: €5,845.00
Number of backers: 100

List of identified backers

Alexandra Beirão Mendes
Alexandra Lobato
Ana Castro
Ana Isabel Rocha
Ana Paula Novais Ferreira
André Gonçalves
António da Costa Nogueira
Beatriz Caetano Bento
Bruno Gomes
Carla Leitão
Carolina Vasconcelos
Carolina Vicente
Catarina Sousa
Claudia Carpinteiro
Cláudia Rocha
Cristina Bessa
Cristina Carvalho
Daniela Esteves
Daniela Moreira da Silva
Derek Christie
Dina Alves
Fátima Alves
Filipa Tomaz
Fundação Millennium bcp
Graça Cabeçadas
Helena Botelho
Helena Rato
Helena Soares
Henrique Garcia Pereira
Herlander Braz
Hugo Carvalho Araújo
Inês Marques
Inês Morgado
Isabel Antunes
Isabel Salavessa Moura
Joana da Fonseca Martins
Joana Martins
Joana Ribeiro de Andrade
Joana Simões
Joana Simões Henriques
Joana Vasconcelos
João Maria Alves Almeida
José Paiva
Júlia Varela
Laura Barros
Liliana Lino
Manuel Henriques
Manuel Ribeiro
Margarida Costa
Margarida Lopes Loureiro
Margarida Marques
Maria Carlota Simões
Maria Caseiro
Maria Dalah del Prado
Maria do Rosário Morujão
Maria José Horta Paletti
Maria Leonor Reis Cabeçadas
Maria Rita Pais
Maria Valsassina
Mariana de Melo Sales
Mariana Sargo
Mariana Vieira
Marisa Tapadinhas
Marta Onofre Silva
Miguel Santos
Noémia de Ariztía
Pedro Miguel Cruz
Regina Garcia
Rita Grilo
Rita João
Rita Valente
Rui Duarte
Sandra Pires
Sara Amado
Sofia Aleixo
Sofia Baptista
Sofia Saraiva
Sónia Marques dos Santos
Susana Rosa de Matos da Silva
Teresa Peres
Teresa Valsassina Heitor
Vera Adão e Silva
Zélia Pereira