Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Luciana Fina presents her documentary In Media Res

Directed by Luciana Fina
"The most solid and consistent function of architecture ever is the construction of the places in which men relate to each other, to nature, to other beings and things. And where space, time, movement are not given as absolute concepts...". The premise is from Manuel Tainha's and was the motto for the documentary In Medias Res - In the Middle of Things, by Luciana Fina, which had its premiere on 28 February 2013 at Cinemateca (Lisbon).

After participating in DocLisboa '13 in November, the documentary premieres now in the United States, in the International Architecture and Design Film Festival, traveling to four American cities for the international competition of this film festival, with sessions in Los Angeles (15th and 15th March), in Chicago (April), in New York (October), and in Seattle for the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, a festival dedicated to documentary film (3 November 2014).

In Media Res was born as part of a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation film production project about great interpreters of 20th century Portuguese architecture, which archive was recently donated to the Foundation's Art Library.

The texts by the Portuguese Architect Manuel Tainha, in the eighth film directed by Luciana Fina, highlight an inescapable personality of architectural thought in Portugal and its confrontation with modernity. The Portuguese architect believed that discipline and projects were based on the parallel and constant exercise of writing, combining space, light and materials with movement, time and life that inhabit them.

The Lisbon Triennale supported the dissemination of this initiative, which represents an opportunity to broaden architectural literacy.