Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Open House Lisboa had an enormous amount of visits

OH Lisboa 2017 more than doubled its number of visits. On the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of September of 2017, we registered 44.217 visits, our highest number ever. In the last edition, in 2016, we had 18.000 visits.

In the words of the curators Rita Almada Negreiros and Catarina Almada Negreiros, “it was great to confirm that the objective is being accomplished: to present architecture to the people that live in the city. The number of visitants is impressive and reveals that the map was really open to all and very active!”.

According to José Mateus, president of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, “Open House Lisboa has affirmed itself as one of the most important events in the city, both because of the extraordinary response from the public, and the effective way it promotes a deep knowledge of Lisbon. The richness of the direct interaction between visitors and specialists or authors, complemented by the experience of crossing, feeling and learning about architecture in its highest state, clearly transform the way participant lisbonners see, perceive, and are aware of their city.

In a visible effort to grow, “after five editions, the organization felt the need to give a new boost of energy to the event, and it ended up exceeding all our expectations, visible in the result – a double success”, says Inês Marques, coordinator of Open House Lisboa.

At the top of the list of the most visited places of 2017, we find Igreja de São Roque, Panorâmico de Monsanto, Museu dos Coches, Reservatório da Mãe d’Água and Palácio Chiado. But other spaces with more limited access also had great numbers, like in private homes, the new Lisbon Cruise Terminal or the Hotel Britania.

Within the international network of the Open House Worldwide, the Triennale has been mentioned as an example of good management. This 6th edition had the participation of 74 specialists and 248 volunteers – Open House Lisboa is a coproduction between the Lisbon Architecture Triennale and EGEAC.

See you in 2018!