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Walk&Talk invites Triennale to join the jury of the Pavilion of its 10th edition

The Walk&Talk Arts Festival, which takes place in Azores since 2011, has invited the Triennale to join the jury that will select the winning proposal for the design of a temporary Pavilion at Largo de São João, in Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel. Together with the Triennale, the jury includes the artistic direction Walk&Talk, Jesse James and Sofia Botelho, the production direction Walk&Talk, represented by Luís Brum and the Regional Direction of Forest Resources of the Government of the Azores. Launched on 8 January, the architecture competition is presented in the context of the 10th edition of the event, which takes place from 9 to 19 July 2020. 

With applications open until 27 February 2020, the competition calls for the participation of authors, individually or as a team, with one of the members with a degree in architecture and five year experience proven. This call has been going on for three years and the Pavilion has involved not only participants, but also people from different audiences, attracted by an inviting, open, nearby space. Over the course of two weeks, this Pavilion receives an intense programme, from concerts, conversations, parties and performances. In addition to affirming itself as a space of confluence between artists, organization and visitors, it integrates a space of canteen, bar, auditorium and stage. This "meeting and departure point" intends to bring an activity to this iconic square of the most populated city of São Miguel island.

W&T Pavilion 2019 © FIlipa Couto

In the first year of the competition, in 2018, the winners were Atelier Mezzo, an Italian and Portuguese duo, consisting of Giacomo Mezzadri and Joana Oliveira, who presented a dynamic and flexible proposal, through the use of the famous Cryptomeria of the islands, imported from Japan. In 2019, with the woman in the cloak as the main reference for the moodboard, two ateliers together gathered the winning proposal: Artworks & GA Estúdio, composed by Tomás Garcia de la Huerta, Xaviera Gleixner and José Miguel Pinto (in Architecture), Valentin Neves (Design and technical support), Diana Menino and Ana Brito (Coordination) and Bruno Lança (Audiovisual), activating a pavilion that resembles the so characteristic Azorean traditional dress.

W&T Pavilion 2018 © Francisco Nogueira

Walk&Talk is an annual arts festival that stimulates creation in the specific cultural and geographic context of the Azores archipelago, organized around five artistic circuits - island, exhibitions, residencies, performative and knowledge. The programme covers contemporary artistic production (performing arts, video, music, architecture and design) and the presentation of projects of various formats ranging from installation to exhibition. The regulation for the construction of the Pavilion is available online and the organization expects to receive until 27 February numerous proposals for this urban intervention. The results are released on 16 March with a budget of 10000 euros for the creation of the W&T 2020 Pavilion.