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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Open House Junior

For children from 6 to 12 years’ old.

During the Open House weekend there were activities to do as a family: challenges with shapes, houses, streets and landscapes to do with the children along the city, provided in different places of each route. The printed sheets are now available online. You can download them and do them at home or even in a school context.

We present a set of activities to interact with the space around us – our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and cities. They help you to observe and think about what we see and experience through drawing, photography, writing and speaking, exploring the senses and the relationship of the body with the surrounding space.

1: Shapes / Figures

The built environment composition with buildings, streets, cities and elements of architecture such as columns, arches, domes, result from specific needs and the coherence between the exercise of abstraction and the physical world experience. This activity seeks to give clarity, simplicity and organization models, to recognize the flexibility that a structure apparently rigid can offer. Each element is essential and balance comes from the set.

Can you see triangles, squares and circles in the houses around you? How many? Ways to put together shapes can be infinite. When we do so we are designing as in architecture!

Xerox Center, Promontório © Rui Morais de Sousa


2: House / Face

We are inborn with the capacity to recognize in the symmetries of constructed works the elements that adorn our face: eyes, nose, mouth, ears. We have an instinct to assign identity to buildings by creating actors for the narrative of our surroundings. In this activity we explore relations of image and meaning identifying correspondences: windows that are eyes through which the house lurks from inside, a roof that is a hat and covers an attic head.

Teófilo Braga House, ARX © FG + SG


3: Creatures / Landscapes

We are guided by the experiences we have lived and the experiences of those we meet. But we are also guided by our imagination. A space where there are places, stories and creatures that each one builds in their mind. Our memories and our ideas are linked in a creative cycle. These challenges about creatures and landscapes open up possibilities of discovery of other worlds and ways of living.


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