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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

3rd Edition, 2014

Curatorial Text

Lisbon Open House returns on the weekend of 11th and 12th of October 2014 and opens its doors to 27 new spaces in a total of 70 locations.

In this edition, we suggest an extensive program of routes and guided tours. The selection of spaces is based not only in its cultural and architectural importance but also in the diversity of typologies and eras. Exterior routes and neighborhood visits are also part of the program and offer a comprehensive perspective of Lisbon’s growth and urban layout, in different stages of its history.

From Parque das Nações (Park of the Nations) to Algés, from the riverfront of the Tagus to the Avenidas Novas (New Avenues), from Mouraria to Benfica, the options are growing more and more: the only thing left to do is choose.

Architect's note

“To see, and enabling to see, opening doors to what is there of contemporary projects, “auteur” architecture and of so many different past eras, the classics. The aim is to give people the opportunity to get to know eight centuries of this enchanting and colourful city, based in an uneven topography that hides startling places.”

Fernando Sanchez Salvador

Board and Staff

Open House Lisboa 2014

Fernando Sanchez Salvador
Coordination OH Lisboa
Inês Marques
Volunteer Programme
Susana Gaudêncio
Aula de Formação aos Voluntários
Ana Vaz Milheiro
Voz Off
Inês Meneses
Tradução e edição
Rute Paredes
Susana Pomba
Communication Design
Van Condensed by Ricardo Santos


Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

José Mateus, Chairman
Nuno Sampaio, Vicechairman
José Manuel dos Santos, Member
Maria Dalila Rodrigues, Member
Pedro Araújo e Sá, Member
Deputy Director
Manuel Henriques
Management Assistant
Helena Soares
Communication and Press
Maria Schiappa (coordinator)
Patrícia Lopes
Teresa Vieira
Isabel Antunes (coordinator)
Inês Marques
Liliana Lino
Valentina Toscano
Fundraising and Partnerships
Sara Battesti


Thank you

A THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the partners and sponsors that allow us to improve each edition, to the spaces that open their doors to the public, to the amazing volunteers that offer their time so that this project can happen, and to you for participating in this event.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the owners, hosts, authors and their representatives; to the tour guides and volunteer instructors, to everyone that has made this event possible.

If you wish to participate in an active manner and contribute to the success of the Lisbon Open House there are different ways of doing it:

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