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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

6th Edition, 2017

Open Map

Lisbon Architecture Triennale’s invitation to curate the Open House event of 2017 was received with surprise and enthusiasm. For us, architects, this challenge reflects itself in drawing “a two-day map”, a kind of treasure map of our city. It can seem like a paradox, the idea of drawing an “ephemeral map” but in reality, it is always ephemeral, setting the territory in a specific moment, in this case, a weekend in September 2017.

In the maps of Rome of Bufalini (1551) and Gianbatista Nolli (1748), it is possible to “go into buildings”. They are represented, not by the plan of their roof, as it is common, but by the plan of the ground floor. Many of these spaces are public but with restrictive access. When observing it, you manage to get a different perception of the city, and fell it as more permeable. Open House relates to this representation of the city. A map of the city that is more accessible, that lets places be seen, most of them not open to the general public, a map of wide open doors.

The choice is obviously subjective and this selection is born from a Lisbon “self-portrait”. The new spaces are an optimistic mirror of the city, a city going through a profound transformation. In our view, despite its historical weight, Lisbon is looking to reinvent itself:

  • By recovering and discovering new uses for its spaces
  • By creating new structures that answer to the city’s growing demands
  • By looking for other centres
  • By responding to the immense touristic demand

There is a new sensibility concerning the reuse of spaces and as a result architecture is also changing. The simply alteration of use can profoundly transform a place without destroying it. In the last few years, architecture has learned to “recycle” and to become “more invisible”. It has learned that tasks as invisible as treating a space acoustically or altering its lighting, can have regenerating effects.

But, because there is no perfect (city) without flaws, it has become also inevitable that our map contains spaces that we would like not to lose; some spaces or buildings that are under threat, they might not survive the impact strength of the market; a strength that brings to life, builds, recycles, but also destroys. A city’s transformation that is done too fast, can lead to losing places, inhabitants and, in the end, identity. This will be the part of the map where the treasures that we wouldn’t like to lose are represented.

— Catarina Almada Negreiros e Rita Almada Negreiros

The event

In 2017, we return during the cultural rentrée with a new itinerary so you can discover inside out and up close the best architecture in town. Annually, each edition proposes a new and careful selection of buildings that lets us see emblematic works in the city, their stories and authors. This 6th edition of Open House Lisboa happens Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2017. On this weekend, everyone is invited to walk through the city’s iconic buildings as well as more recent projects. Save this date!

Board and Staff

Open House Lisboa 2017

Catarina Almada Negreiros
Rita Almada Negreiros
Coordination OH Lisboa
Inês Marques
Volunteer Program 
Filipa Tomaz (coordination)
Joana Martins
Production Assistant
Beatriz Caetano Bento
Assistentes de Voluntariado
Mariana Viana
Rita Mota
Shivani Ranchhod
Sofia Caetano
Tiago Miranda
Area Coordinators
Ana Rita Valente
André Rosa
Joana Martins
Leonor Guerra
Luís Fernandes
Tiago Miranda
Romeu Zagalo
Sofia Caetano
Accessibility Program
Locus Acesso
Communication design
Studio AH-HA
(Sul Sans & Grifo)
Voz off
Inês Meneses


Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

José Mateus, Chairman
Nuno Sampaio, Vicechairman
José Manuel dos Santos, Member
Maria Dalila Rodrigues, Member
Pedro Araújo e Sá, Member

Deputy Director
Manuel Henriques

Management Assistant
Helena Soares

Communication and Press:
Sara Battesti (coordination)
Cláudia Duarte (press)
Raquel Guerreiro (graphic design)
Susana Pomba (editor)

Isabel Antunes (coordination)
Carolina Vicente
Tiago Pombal
Fundraising and Partnerships
Joana Salvado
Joanna Hecker


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