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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

In 2022, the Open House Lisboa is in Spring (May 14-15)

In 2022, the Open House Lisboa is in Spring!

In 2022, the 11th edition of Open House Lisboa returns earlier than usual, at the springtime weekend of May 14 and 15. To bring a new perspective, we have invited Lisbon-based studio Aurora Arquitectos, founded in 2010, to curate the event. Defining the theme that guides the selection of spaces on the itinerary and the definition of urban routes is in their hands, as is the choice of experts who take us to discover the different architectures normally hidden from the public.

A city is defined by architectural icons, but also by the anonymous built mass – a ‘trivial’ street can immediately be recognised as belonging to a city by the features of light, colour, scale, materials or doors and windows, patterns that have geographical, social, cultural and symbolic origins. This identity is constantly changing and each new project is a contribution to this collective heritage. Some propose new readings and interpretations, others are apparently more conservative and favour the architecture from the past.

Whereas on the outside buildings are limited by urban regulations to preserve collective identity, interiors belong to the private realm, an invisible heritage that evolves more freely. They form a second line, a more expressive field of creativity and transformation of space, generating buildings that are gradually more ambiguous, as a result of this duality between interior and exterior intervention.

The “continuity” facades are silent in relation to new ways of dwelling, only visible inside – modest buildings transformed into a single residence or subdivided into flats, palaces converted into hotels, offices, gyms, retirement homes for the elderly or restaurants. Which city do all these interior transformations reflect, when seen together? Which invisible identity is that? If we removed the facades, which Lisbon would be visible? Where does the city’s identity begin and end?

Learn more about the event here.

About Aurora Arquitectos

Aurora Arquitectos studio, founded by Sofia Couto and Sérgio Antunes, is the result of a journey that began during academic life, strengthened by the experience with the collective Kaputt! Now with an expanded team, the studio works on projects of different scales with a more recent focus on urban renovation. In their approach, reaction to the place stands out – what is part of the existence and other elements of construction – applying the challenge of interpreting, breaking down, copying, distorting and even treating raw materials ironically, putting them back in place in a new and unexpected form.

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