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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Baía do Tejo
© Baía do Tejo

Former Lisnave Shipyard

  • Original Authors:
  • Tomás Taveira (arquitectura) ,
  • Álvaro Barreto (construção civil) ,
  • José Maria Sardinha (equipamentos de indústria naval)
  • (1967)

The Lisnave Shipyard opened in 1967 and carried on ship repair activity until 2000. 26 of the 30 hectares where it stands were conquered to the river, and one of its four dry docks was once the world’s largest. The 300-ton gantry crane has become part of the river mouth’s landscape. Having once employed ten thousand workers, it was the scene of social and political struggles in the post-revolution period and fostered a transformation of the urban landscape along the south bank coastline. In 1999, the project A Elipse, also called “The Manhattan of Cacilhas”, suggested its transformation. Later, in 2009, the eastern Almada urbanisation plan “Cidade da Água” was approved, and it aimed to integrate housing, commerce, and numerous services to promote the area’s relationship with the Tagus, with knowledge and the cultural field. There, you have access to several artistic interventions by the artist Vhils, namely the ones he created for the U2 video “Raised by Wolves”.

Avenida Aliança Povo MFA, 1, Almada
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Public Transportation
Bus: 182
Subway: Cacilhas (barco)



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