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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
Vista aéria sobre o bairro de Campo de Ourique que revela os telhados ora de zinco, ora cerâmicos

Apartamento em Campo de Ourique

  • Interventions:
  • João Favila
  • (2013 reabilitação)

Built in city block adjacent to long military barracks from the 18th century, this single-family dwelling replaced a traditional main-and-rear-façades building. The project is born out of the alternated relationship between the street and the inner yard, a premise taken as the transforming potential towards a new way to dwell. We go back to the inner yard, a major theme in the city of Lisbon, rediscovering its potential as a configuration that allows for improvement on the quality of the inner neighbourhood. Recreating such a unique space of the house, the inner yard is granted significance for its centrality and landscape potential, becoming the element responsible for the inverse organization with which the interior spaces were designed. To the north, the apartment closes itself to the street and the design of interior circulation spaces is carried out by zenithal light. To the south, an ensemble of social areas opens towards the inner yard, taking advantage of this permeable and central space, with finishes that breathe out, providing ambience to the interior space. Walls of white plaster dialogue with the solid thickness of Estremoz marble, contrasting with the sucupira wood that configures the living room, where the large opening that communicates with the inner yard defines an organic atmosphere. Regarding the landscape architecture, architects Filipa Cardoso de Menezes and Catarina Assis Pacheco granted privacy to the ground floor, providing the dwellers with aromatic herbs and food seasonings while seeking to filter the light that reaches inside by means of carefully chosen plants.

Travessa de São Caetano, 3
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