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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Eduardo Ribeiro

Atelier of Rodrigo Oliveira

  • Original Authors:
  • José Daniel Santa-Rita
  • (1974)

Not available in this edition

Located in one of Lisbon’s most modern urban extensions, within a neighbourhood of residential character, artist Rodrigo Oliveira’s atelier belongs to the ensemble of Municipal Ateliers, at southern Olivais. It is part of an ensemble of four twin and structurally similar ateliers, property of the Municipality of Lisbon. They were designed in the early 1970s to boost artistic production in the city. These creative microcosms promote proximity between the artists, stimulating work, creativity and a broader promotion. The space is partially developed in a basement, in order to satisfy the need to have an 8 metre floor-to-ceiling height, which allowed for the artist to design a mezzanine area, adding an informal space for meetings. With its large opening facing north, an ideal natural light is allowed into the work area.

Rua Cidade de Lobito, Atelier Municipal 2
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