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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Universidade de Lisboa
© Universidade de Lisboa
© Universidade de Lisboa


  • Original Authors:
  • Nuno San Payo
  • (1971)

  • Interventions:
  • PLCO Arquitectos
  • (2016)

As part of the renovation of the Campo Grande Garden, Caleidoscópio maintains the appearance of the original building and the embossed panel by ceramist Maria Emília Silva Araújo. With 2700 m2, it was designed as a tourism office with dining spaces, concert hall, bar and shops. In 1974, it was remodelled by San Payo himself to become a cinema and shopping centre. In 2011, the City Council transferred it to the University of Lisbon for the installation of an academic hub with a study room, exhibition hall, shop, and documentation centre. Five years later, it was reclassified to house a research centre for the University of Lisbon. Its original features were restored and the elements from the façades and roof that mischaracterised it were removed in an intervention that earned the honourable mention of the Valmor Prize 2016.


Campo Grande, 18
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Subway: Cidade Universitária; Campo Grande

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