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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Hugo Santos Silva

Casa com Pátio

  • Interventions:
  • Margarida da Costa Martins
  • (2012 reabilitação)

Between Chiado and Bica, there is a small world that stands out for the tranquillity through which it escapes the urban and agitated existence of this part of the city. A building of classic structure stands out for the brightness with which it stands face-to-face one of the characteristic stairs that descend into the Bica neighbourhood. It is on the ground floor of this building that this house is configured as a place of particular comfort. The intervention it withstood in 2012 meant to minimize former decorative options and emphasize the majestic architecture of its interiors, adding a new space to the house: the patio, a previously ‘invisible’, lesser area that now incorporates a new dimension at the same level as the house’s, interconnecting interior and exterior spaces. Painted white, luminous and with gardens, it illuminates the interior space and brings it closer to the surrounding green areas. With romantic inspiration, this house is designed according to a project that grants special attention to details and provides numerous decorative references, providing comfort.


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