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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Nuno Almendra
© Nuno Almendra
© Nuno Almendra

House in Trafaria

  • Interventions:
  • José Adrião Arquitectos
  • (2016 (reab.))

Not available in this edition

This building is implanted in a sequence of single-family houses along the road to Trafaria. It reflects the new ways of living in the metropolitan area of Lisbon that have been developing in the last ten years. The multiple tensions and movements that operate from the centre of the city intensified the search for peripheral but accessible housing neighbourhoods, of which Trafaria stands as a prime example. The ground floor of the house has an open space for social gatherings and a large opening into the garden, located at a superior level and facilitates the view of the slope above. The central span of the façade that connects to the street was kept but lost its function as an entrance, which was transferred to an opposite facade. The upper floor contains the bedrooms, accessible through a hallway that follows the new ridge. The informality of the garden and the simplicity of the structure are evocative of a domestic and vacation-like feeling.

Avenida Bulhão Pato, 59, Trafaria
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Bus: 125, 129


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