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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
fachada ritmada dos ateliers municipais
© José Frade

Complexo dos Coruchéus

  • Original Authors:
  • Fernando Peres Guimarães
  • (1971)

Next to the Coruchéus Palace, this complex was built by the City Council as the “first complex of studios in the city for the protection and inspiration of visual artists”. Currently under the management of EGEAC, the municipal cultural company, the Complexo dos Coruchéus includes an office area, the Quadrum gallery, a group of 50 artist’s studios and other public spaces. Based on a repetitive modular structure, the architecture of the studio spaces reveals particular care with control of natural daylight. In 2010, after maintenance work was carried out, Lisbon City Council launched a competition for the open spaces, also unveiling a sculpture by José Pedro Croft in the garden. The studios have been, and are, home to a whole series of artists of considerable importance in Portugal.

Rua Alberto Oliveira
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Bus: 735, 767
Subway: Alvalade e Roma

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