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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Edo Sushi
© Edo Sushi

Do Fundo dos Mares ao Céu da Boca

  • Interventions:
  • Bernardo Rodrigues
  • (2018 reabilitação)

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The contemporary food experience is a new form of religion. In days gone by, church ceilings and wood carvings were covered in gold from Brazil, but today fish is treated as if it understood the deepest of human sentiment, giving it the attention of a surgeon, regarding it like a journey into sidereal space. Brass sheeting and panels of various thicknesses cover tables, bar, walls, lamps and ceilings in this restaurant. The blue of the chairs, the long bench and the bathrooms is not ultramarine, nor is it the Yves Klein blue, and much less that of the old azulejo tiles that were commonly paired with gilded wood carvings. This new restaurant in Lisbon brings the internationalisation of the city’s food scene into the residential area of Alvalade, introducing the gourmet side of life to a more functional part of the city.

Avenida do Brasil, 114C
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Bus: 717, 731, 750, 783
Subway: Alvalade

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