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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Hospital da Luz

  • Original Authors:
  • Atelier Risco
  • (2007)

Distinguished with the Valmor Prize in 2007, this hospital was designed as an architectonic and urban unit of compact configuration. It is one of the largest hospital complexes in Lisbon, crossed by an internal access way that connects it to the two main avenues that limit it: Lusíada and the Pontinha radial route. That results in the separation of the two main programmatic cores of the complex: the Hospital, with 193 bedrooms, and the Old People’s Home, with 118 apartments. The plot was configured by these two buildings, which, inside, generate small gardens. Access to natural light was the main guiding element in the design of the complex, which is visible in the ambience found in the indoor areas. The internal walkways were masterfully designed and the separation between general public and the hospitalised patients is clear, allowing the latter indispensable privacy and comfort.

Avenida Lusíada, 100
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