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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© FG+SG, Fotografia de Arquitectura
© FG+SG, Fotografia de Arquitectura
© FG+SG, Fotografia de Arquitectura

Sotheby's Offices

  • Interventions:
  • João Mendes Ribeiro
  • (2016 reabilitação)

Not available in this edition

The interior design brief for this shop at Parque das Nações was to reinvent the interior space of a pre-existing shop located in an office building. The client required a number of individual offices and conference rooms with support areas, as well as a public zone in which to greet clients. The layout strategy freed up as large a space as possible for the public area, with the double ceiling height adding to the feeling of an abundance of space and light. Given the inspiration for the reception area – as a public space, it contrasts with the private, secluded character of the offices and other workspaces, which seem to evoke the idea of being a small building of their own.

Avenida Dom João II, 9
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