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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Pedro Sadio
© Pedro Sadio
© Alexandre Salgueiro
© Alexandre Salgueiro

São Vicente de Fora Monastery

  • Original Authors:
  • Juan de Herrera ,
  • Filippo Terzi ,
  • Baltazar Álvares
  • (1629)

One of the most beautiful examples of mannerist architecture in Lisbon, due to its incomparable scale and dimensions, its construction began in 1582, during the reign of Philip I of Portugal, and was only concluded forty years later, during the reign of Philip III of Portugal. With a longitudinal plan and a single nave, the church was designed in a rhythmic sequence according to which small chapels, in communication with each other, were cut. With a remarkable interior, both the tile panels of La Fontaine’s fables and the baroque altar stand out. The façade is highlighted through its rational and clean lines, enhancing its monumentality of a church designated as royal pantheon. The old convent is the current headquarters of the Patriarchate of Lisbon and we can find inside the Pantheon of the Royal Family of the House of Bragança and the Pantheon of the Lisbon Patriarchs. With a museum and an area dedicated to the exhibition of the Lisbon Patriarchs, it also has its roof, from where a panoramic view over the city and the river can be enjoyed.

Largo de São Vicente
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