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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Almada Museum - Casa da Cidade

  • Interventions:
  • vmsa arquitectos
  • (2002 (reab.))

The City Museum is located at the former Quinta dos Frades. The property served various roles, from the administrative offices of the friars of the Order of Saint Dominic, to a meeting place for the republicans, a space for bullfights or concerts by the Banda Filarmónica União Artística Piedense, a warehouse used by the cork industry and the Corsul factory. There are a few archaeological remains from the ancient 17th and 18th century farm, such as tanks, masonry supports, sinks and pavements in stone and the terrazzo, all found during the museum’s construction works. The house also underwent many changes, and the successive occupants reduced the flower and vegetable gardens to the current existing patio. The place became property of the Municipality in 1997, which determined its rehabilitation as the City Museum. Sofia Aleixo and Vítor Mestre designed the architectural project for the restoration of the pre-existing building and the new construction. The museum was inaugurated in November 2003 to foster the history, memories, learning and urban experience in the municipality of Almada.

Praça João Raimundo, Cova da Piedade
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