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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Pedro Sadio

National Museum of Ethnology

  • Original Authors:
  • António Saragga Seabra
  • (1974)

  • Interventions:
  • Eduardo Trigo de Sousa
  • (2000)

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Inseparable from the history of Portuguese anthropology, it was one of the first buildings in Portugal to be built with the purpose of hosting a specific museum collection, fruit of the comprehensive labour and research of country’s pioneers on this disciplinary subject. Possessing the largest and most relevant ethnographic patrimony in Portugal, the museum represents more than 380 cultures, especially African, Asian and Amerindian, as well as Portuguese traditional culture. Although created as an institution in 1965, the museum’s building is only inaugurated in 1976, promoting the crucial importance of anthropological investigation. More than two decades after its construction, in 2000, the building’s extension project begins, with the creation of a new library/media library, two new provision areas and the surrounding garden.

Avenida Ilha da Madeira, 33
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