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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
escadari de pedra com laterais de azulejo de época
jardim pontudo

Palácio da Mitra

  • Original Authors:
  • Carlos Mardel ,
  • Rodrigo Franco ,
  • Giacomo Antonio Canevari
  • (séc. XVIII)

  • Interventions:
  • Fiel Viterbo
  • (1934)
  • António Ribeiro Martins ,
  • Henrique Taveira Soares
  • (1942)

Erected in the 18th century by D. Tomás de Almeida, 1st Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, this jewel of Portuguese Baroque unfolds, starting from the courtyard, on two floors and an upper garden. Its name derives from the symbolism of the mitre, a liturgical hat worn by bishops, archbishops and cardinals, which was also the term applied to the group of assets intended for the support and provision of clergy figures. Built on an old recreational farm, it went through numerous phases, from a patriarchal residence to private uses, until it became public property. In 1930, it was acquired by the City Council and the Museum of Lisbon operated there between 1940 and 1972. From 1978 onwards it had occasional uses such as Instituição Amigos de Lisboa or ANAFRE. In 2012 it was classified as a monument of public interest.

Beco da Mitra, 56
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