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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Infraestruturas de Portugal
© Infraestruturas de Portugal

25 de Abril Bridge

  • Original Authors:
  • David B. Steinman ,
  • Raymond M. Brynton ,
  • Carl Gronquist
  • (1966)

Not available in this edition

The first ideas for the construction of the “Bridge over the Tejo” appear in 1876, but only in 1959 does its project begin. Using the North American model as reference, this suspended bridge made of steel has two main towers with a height of 190 metres in regard to the water level, which elevate the deck 70 metres above the water allowing for more than enough vertical span for ship crossing. With a central span of 1013 metres and a total length of 2800 metres, its lattice truss construction allows for the circulation of trains, in the lower deck, since 1999. An iconic element that became indistinguishable from the city’s image, it shows how the special character of an infra-structure of its kind can transform and define the city’s identity. With its reddish colour, it became a reference is Lisbon’s landscape, given its harmonious stretch over the riverbanks. It is in the process of being classified as a monument of public interest, which emphasises the importance of its landscape quality.


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