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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

From Cais do Sodré to Rossio

Sound Walk by Daniel Blaufuks

  Urban Walk

Not available in this edition

Discover a very personal travel album from Cais do Sodré to Rossio, on this sound walk where the artist Daniel Blaufuks takes you through a Lisbon made of recollections crystallised with photographic clarity. Here, each street is a storehouse of memories and each memory contains yet another storehouse of memories. The stories that illustrate this path disclose secrets of the places where you will pass, since a city is made of secrets. But don’t fool yourself – no matter how many doors you open, many other mysteries will linger in the city's memory. The itinerary follows Rua do Arsenal, Terreiro do Paço and Rua do Ouro, but you can do it in a non-linear manner, also peeking into the peripheral places that appear liberally in this free narrative. Let yourself be carried away by this conversation, where the pauses in the words suggest soundscapes that make the memories resonate inside you.

(Available in Portuguese only)

Sound walk

- Daniel Blaufuks (autorship and voice over )
- Beatriz Caetano Bento (production and introduction voice over)
- Dizplay Soundlab (production and sound design)
- Bom Dia Lisboa, Rádio Macau – Parlophone Portugal, 1984
- Kidonov (Music for the introduction and final voice over)

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