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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

At each step, a constellation

Sound walk by Joana Braga

Sunday 14h  Urban Walk

At each step, a constellation is the second performative walk that results from my research around the daily gestures of walking and staying, and its activation as practices to rethink the relationships we have established with the spaces and times of the city. How can attention to the qualities of functionless spaces confront us with what reduces everything to its exchange value? How can time dilation in ambulation constitute a form of resistance to the logic of productivity?
At each step, a constellation proposes a walk through the eastern part of Lisbon, invisible for decades and now perceived as vacant and available for urban reconversion. Digging a route through fragments of this expectant territory, the performative walk envisions this piece of city as a reflex machine that illuminates the unforeseen presences inhabiting it and the real and imaginary narratives it incorporates.


Artistic direction: Joana Braga
Support to creation: Andresa Soares, Fernando Ramalho, Flora Paim, Tânia Moreira David
Text: Joana Braga
Sound: Fernando Ramalho
Voice: Isadora Alves
Design Gráfico: Ana Teresa Ascensão

A cada passo, uma constelação was created in 2019 within Matéria para Escavação Futura, na artistic project curated by Joana Braga and Ana Jara, supported by the Portuguese Republic / General Direction for the Arts. It was co-produced by Teatro do Bairro Alto and by Artéria | Humanizing Architecture.

Extra Info
starting point at Praça Eduardo Mondlane, zona J (Chelas)

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