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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Fio a Meada

Fio à Meada


Saturday 21h  Plus

Since 2017 that this amateur group is resident of Casa da Comarca da Sertã, in Lisbon. Composed of women of all ages, this vocal ensemble’s objective is to have people listen to their passion for traditional Portuguese music, reinterpreted and adapted to this day and age.

45 minutes

Extra Info
By Vozes Tradicionais Femininas da Casa da Comarca da Sertã.

Group composed of Ana Sofia Lopes, Carla Ferreira, Isabela Castro, Joana Garcia, Jorge Miranda, Luísa Seco, Maria João Fernandes, Mariana Dias, Marianne Delaforge, Marta Horta, Sónia Silva, Susana Mareco, Vera Freire and Helena Reis (Coordinator).

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