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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa



Saturday & Sunday 4.30 pm  Plus

Not available in this edition

Throughout history, we have always dreamed of heights: we want more. We want to reach higher. We don't want this anymore, but we want that a lot. Often, beside us, there were the songs saying all this. Saying things like: We no longer tolerate racism. We want equal rights for men and women. Good health care for everyone without exception. We want more libraries. Preservation of forests. Fair wages. Humane working hours. Things like that, serious and important. Things so high they must be shouted out loud. This is going to be a concert to celebrate the power of music. Can music change the world? Does the world change music? What does a song say about people's projects? This will be a concert travelling through time and space, to stop and discover some of the songs that brought us together and that we needed to sing (very loud!) to make ourselves heard.

By Francisca Cortesão, Sérgio Nascimento and Isabel Minhós Martins

60 minutes

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