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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

As always, Open House Lisboa had full house(s)

Open House Lisboa; Trienal de Arquitectura; Arquitectura; Blocos Habitacionais Célula C; Visita Especialista; Lisboa; © Hugo David 2019;

Once again, Open House unveiled buildings & houses behind the doors, on 21 and 22 September 2019, consolidating what the last eight years have shown. The thousands of visitors are showing that architecture in Lisbon continues to captivate interest and curiosity, making possible to people leave their homes and enter in ours, even on rainy days. With a itinerary commissioned by Patrícia Robalo, the 2019 edition excluded, for the first time, the centre of the capital, providing a look under the external axis of the network that constitutes Lisbon’s urbanity.

Throughout these eight years of Open House, our temporary guests have become permanent residents of the event. More than 15,000 people visited our Lisbon without a Centre bringing together the best of architecture for a guided tour weekend, as it continues to give us something to talk about…. The 50 spaces of this edition had a huge visits affluence, surpassing our best expectations.

A shared success that is far from being done only with houses. It would have been impossible for us to carry out one more this celebration without the support and involvement of several entities and owners who, generously and voluntarily, got into to discover such extraordinary venues. Not forgetting the specialists and authors who accepted the invitation to guide visits, covering about 90% of the spaces, presenting the corners of the houses, nor the partners who accompany us throughout the various editions. On the other hand, we could not talk about Open House without mentioning the over 200 volunteers who offered their time and sympathy to turn our guests’ stays to an immersive experience into contemporary architecture.

Our great thanks to our hosts:

Adalgisa Rodrigues, Alexandra Sorokina, Alexandre Silva, Alice Esteves, Ana Bras, Ana Carolina Helena, Ana Catarina Pinto, Ana Duarte, Ana Filipa Muxagata, Ana Luísa Rufino Ferreira, Ana Matos, Ana Navas, Ana Raquel Silva, Ana Reis, Ana Rita Simões, Ana Rita Valente, Ana Roque, André David, André Moreira, André Rosa, Andreea Druga, Andreia Lopes, Andreia Sofia Martin , Angela Almeida, Antonio Carrizosa, Arthur Macedo, Beatriz Cabral, Beatriz Couto, Beatriz Frois, Beatriz Goncalves, Bruna Seidel, Bruna Silva, Bruno Santos, Bruno Xisto, Camila De Pádua, Carla Luz, Carlos Brás, Carmen Fontão, Carolina Cerqueira, Carolina Herculano, Carolina Palma, Catarina Batalha, Catarina Castro, Catarina Martins, Catarina Medroa, Catarina Mestre, Catarina Moura, catarina pereira, Catarina Rodrigues, Catarina Rombo, Catarina Serra, Catarina Soares, Caterina Di Giovanni, Cátia Santos, Célia Casinha, Clara Sprung, Cláudia Duarte, Cláudia Fernandes, Claudia Rosete, Cristina Palma, Daniela Esteves, Diogo Santos, Diogo Santos, Diogo Veloso, Duarte Nuno Albuquerque, Eduardo Barreira, Elisabetta Forleo, Ester Donninelli, Eva Magalhães, Fernando Chainço, Fernando Oliveira, Filomena André, Francisca Ferreira, Francisco Lopes, Gabriel Lima, Gabriela Torres, Giovanna Belmiro, Graça Reis, Graziela Mazza, Guilherme Blasco Augusto, Iara Simões, Ilídio Manuel Costa Ferreira, Inês Ferreira, Inês Inácio, Inês Marques, Inês Medeiros, Inês Monney, Inês Moura, Inês Oliveira, Inês Santos, Inês Sardinha, Inês Soares, Ingrid Mavignier, Isa Misamer, Jandira Pedrosa, Jéssica Duarte, Joana Aleixo, Joana Benedito, Joana de Lemos, Joana Geraldes, Joana Pinto, Joana Robalo, Joana Simões, Joana Varges, João Castelo Branco, João Durães, João Fernandes, João Leonardo, João Pedro Simões, João Rodrigues, João Tiago Coutinho Nunes, Joel Ferreira, José Martins, José Pedro Rodrigues, José Vasconcelos, Júlia Duarte, Julia Pacheco, Julianna de Lucena da Costa, Júlio Senra, Katia Talento, Laura Mota, Liliana de Araújo Bento Ribas, Lina Jesus, Luísa Barreiros, Madalena Almeida, Madalena Figueiroa, Mafalda Moura, Mafalda Tavares, Manuel Amaral, Manuel Andrade, Manuel Louro, Manuela Synek, Marcelo Ribeiro, Marco Pimenta, Margarida Borges, Margarida Matos, Maria Câmara, Maria Cristina Camacho, Maria Gomes, Maria Inês Marques, Maria Isabel Silva de Carvalho, Maria José Nogueira, Maria Margarida Moreira, Maria Miguel Santos,Maria Tomaz , Mariana Antunes, Mariana Brás, Mariana Luís, Mariana Pontes, Mariana Santos, Mariana Sousa, Marjory Ribeiro Bertoldo, Marta Catarino, Marta Custódia, Marta Pacheco, Matilde Aleixo, Miguel Cesar, Miguel Gil, Miguel Santos, Mónica Ferreira, Nathália Pamio, Nicoleta Iurescu, Nuno São Pedro, Patrícia Tello, Paula Pimpão, Paula Rodrigues, Paulo Melim, Pedro Couto de Sousa, Pedro D’Orey, Pedro Pinheiro, Rafael Mingates, Raquel Nunes, Raquel Pereira, Renata Gomes, Rita Candeias, Rita Capdevila, Rita Chaves, Rita Ochoa, Rita Pedro, Rita Ramos, Rita Santos, Romeu Zagalo, Sandra Samina, Sara Freitas, Sara Meneses, Sara Ribeiro, Sara Santos, Sílvia Matoquesa, Sílvia Rodrigues, Sílvia Santos, Sofia Charrua, Sofia Duarte, Sofia Pinheiro, Sónia Vieira Cardoso, Susana Duarte, Susana Marreiros, Talis Diogo, Tamanna Ahmed, Tânia Pinheiro, Tatiana Metrolho, Teresa Cayatte, Teresa Medeiros, Titânia de Araújo Bento Ribas, Tomás Moreira, Tomás Moura, Vasylyna Kuzmych, Verónica Cardoso, Xavier Lopes, Yu LIU, Zaida Freire

Through the photographic coverage of Hugo David, Lorenzo Roncaglione, Renata Macedo de Sousa and Ana Guedes, you can check the best moments of the weekend, here.

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