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Our volunteers go to other OH cities

Our volunteers go to other OH cities

Open House Europe has launched an exchange programme promoting volunteer mobility among its 12 cities. Different open calls to participate in a festival in another European country are announced yearly, fostering an exciting and enriching experience with the local community.

To our lightning call made between 21 and 26 April, in parallel to the final days of Open House Lisbon 2023’s volunteering recruitment call, 30 people stepped forward. From this group, we selected two individuals to represent Lisbon in a couple of cities where the festival takes place during the same weekend as ours. Maria João Faria headed to Italy to be present in Milan, and Yelyzaveta Seredyuk traveled to the Czech Republic’s Open House Brno.

For another round of this mobility calendar, we have chosen three candidates who stood out for their dedication and merit to attend festivals in the Autumn of 2023. The selection also considered the number of previous editions they participated in and the number of shifts done during this year’s weekend event. We are delighted to announce the selected individuals: Miguel Sousa will be heading to the Basque Country for Open House Bilbao (Spain), Dana Mornealo will represent Lisbon in Essen, Germany, and Filipa Lebre has been chosen to travel to the Irish capital for Open House Dublin.

Congratulations to this dedicated team! Upon your return, we would love to hear about your favorite aspects of this experience that will undoubtedly leave its mark on your CV. Over the next three years, we will continue to offer this opportunity and look forward to hosting volunteers from other European territories here in Lisbon too.

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