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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

OHL’s return to traditional format was a success

Trienal De Arquitectura Lisboa; OHL; Open House Lisboa; Apresentação; Lisboa; Almada; © Hugo David 2021;

OHL’s return to traditional format was a success

We are pleased to announce that we have registered an excellent turnout at the 10th edition of Open House Lisboa, designed by the landscape architecture studio Baldios (Samuel Alcobia, Catarina Raposo, Pedro Gusmão and Joana Marques), who took over the curatorship: “Open House Lisboa chooses landscape as the protagonist, […] recognises water as the element that unites the two territories and guiding line of the itinerary. The Ways of Water thus invites you to discover different types of buildings that result from the connection between water and the city, covering the Tagus and the valleys on both sides. […] The relationship with water, as a vital resource, has to be the path for the future of cities’”, [interview with Público newspaper, on 09/16/2021].

This edition was a milestone as it stretched to Almada for the first time and explored The Ways of Water. It brought together 68 spaces, 49 of which are new, and invited you to explore the two cities through seven urban routes that revealed the main valleys in each of the cities. Also, two sound tours could be done independently. Eight Plus events, independent activities that resulted from an open call, enriched the experience of visiting the itinerary with workshops, concerts, drawing experiences, walks and exhibitions. For the first time we also sold out the two activities for families: Uphill (Almada) and Downhill (Lisbon).

The great participation is clear in the 12,455 admissions registered on the two days of the weekend of 25 and 26 September 2021. Despite the difficulties and restrictions imposed by the current context, we confirm the commitment to bringing back the event to a face-to-face version, once more opening the doors of a diversity of spaces and bringing the general public closer to the architecture of their cities.

The commemorative postcard for this 10th edition, launched in partnership with CTT, has also been much sought after by regular visitors to the event. (learn more)

Nothing would have been possible without the tireless support of our partners and the involvement of all the owners and entities that generously opened their doors, in addition to 70 incredible specialists who greatly contributed to the quality and excellence of this memorable weekend. In the volunteer team, we also had 206 people in the field, who were responsible for being the best guardians we could count on. And because the success of Open House lies in the involvement of this extensive group, we are deeply grateful for all the generosity, involvement and support that they once again dedicated to this celebration of architecture.

On the side of the volunteer team and specialists, there has already been very positive feedback and a strong desire to repeat the experience in 2022:

‘It was a wonderful experience, great team spirit and, generally speaking, a really positive interaction with the visitors. Keep it up, if I can I’ll stay with you too.’ Carmo Mestre, volunteer, September 2021

‘Having previously participated as a specialist from RTP – Rádios, this was the first time I participated in Open House Lisboa outside my professional scope.

It was really interesting […] the interaction was very good, and this is the reasoning you should keep. Well, see you next year. Hugs to everyone and CONGRATULATIONS!’ Rui Santos, volunteer, September 2021

‘Cities are full of these mysterious places that people do not know and yet are part of the space they inhabit.’
José Mateus, president of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Check out the photographic report here.

The Ways of Water online guide (Portuguese only) here.

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